DiM13NSiON (pronounced Dimension Thirteen) is a duo comprised of Thomas McGregor on 5-string violin and Cédric Theys on 8-string U8 Touch Guitar. They produce together mesmerizing improvised tracks ranging from ambient to experimental, touching on classical and rock.

Their first encounter was in 2014 for a small project they both worked on. They decided to play together more extensively after talking about improvisation, electronic music and the combination of very different instruments. It took over half a year to actually start playing and see the potential of what would soon become DiM13NSiON. In less than 4 months, the duo released its first album with the plan to release a second companion album within a year.

The first album, Imagur, was released on April 22nd 2015 and the second one, Rugami, released on December 3rd of the same year. Imagur garnered several reviews and accolades and, though Rugami has just been released, those who have heard it, all say it’s even better than the first one and explores new realms and directions. The two albums were conceptualized at the same time and the duo had already planned on releasing both within the same year. The first one being much darker and exploring mechanical sounds, Cédric and Thomas decided that the second one would be lighter and explore sounds closer to nature. Thus both albums are mirrors of each other, the yin and yang in us all and in nature. Of course the two albums have very similar approaches and sounds but the duo significantly changed its modus operandi for Rugami. The violin is more prominent, the soundscapes are not as important and melodies and guitar tones embellish the overall picture.

DiM13NSiON plans to explore more of the dichotomy between man and earth, mechanical and nature. You can expect more videos and a multi-media show in the new year. This project will include a graphic artist, a video crew and lights in a site with peculiar architecture. The duo is very excited about this project which will bring their music even more dimensions.


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