Groove Think


Groove Think is an innovative trio based in Austin, TX. Fusing progressive rock with elements of groove metal, funk, and jazz, they put on an energetic live performance that will make your head bang and set your feet to dancing. Groove Think established in October of 2010 with Frederick Jones on guitar, Corey Isaacks on bass, and Mike Krieger on drums. The band has recorded two EPs and one LP, played hundreds of gigs, toured regionally throughout Texas and the Southern United States, and has performed at multiple festivals including Pecan Street Festival and SXSW. Their most recent release of their first, full length concept album entitled ‘Intellect’ was on May 2nd 2015. GT’s second concept album, an extension of ‘Intellect’, is due out sometime in the spring of 2017. Groove Think is served best on the rocks and will gladly accompany you to far out spaces.

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