When art forms combine, the results can be surprisingly powerful. This is the case with the band Postwriter. Formed in Austin, Texas during the spring of 2014, Postwriter fuses together Spoken Word and Post Rock to form something greater than its individual parts. Working with members of the Southwest Post Rock Collective, they have been enrapturing audiences with their unique live performances combining the elements of visual storytelling, slam poetry, and delicately woven guitars and effects.

Immense, the debut album by Postwriter, releases in Summer 2016. It explores the line of human emotions between loss and love, despair and hope, abuse and transcendence. All while visiting the inner turmoil of emotional regress and pushing you forward to the endless expanses of the universe. The intricate guitar looping paced with raw, emotionally driven poetry is in the words of one fan, “Hypnotic. Like I couldn’t look away. Like I never wanted to.”

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