September 10, 2021

Touch Guitar Workshop

The Touch Guitar Workshop led by touch guitarist Cédric Theys, will introduce you to the mesmerizing world of this young, very proggy instrument. We’ll talk about its history, the various builders and what they bring to the table, the players and music made with these instruments and where to start when picking one up. The history of the touch guitar is being written right now!
About the Presenter
Cédric Theys
Touch guitarist, composer and producer
Cédric Theys is a French bass player & guitarist. After playing both instruments for over 20 years, he started using the touch guitar exclusively. The U8 is built by Touch Guitars in Austria. It’s an 8-string instrument with a range from a low 5 string bass to the high string on a guitar. He plays soundscapes, instant compositions, experimental & progressive electronic rock.
Cédric also produces and records various projects and is the founder of Mad Ducks Records. He currently lives in Austin TX.