September 10, 2021
In this workshop, attendees will learn lead synth performance techniques such as pitch bending, adding modulation, using other controllers, and configuring effects. The goal is to show fans how these parts are played in addition to providing tutorials for musicians. To illustrate specific techniques, the presenter and guests will play examples from fusion and progressive rock bands like Rush, Yes, Pink Floyd, and Adam Holzman (Steven Wilson band). Resources for further learning will be listed including solos worth studying, books about synthesizer performance/programming/effects, magazines, and YouTube videos.
Workshop Materials/Recommended Reading
Synth Solo Examples
About the presenter
Walter Daniel is a long-time synthesizer enthusiast going back to his original purchase of a then-new Micromoog. Engineering education helped him understand how synths worked while his jazz background informed his fusion playing style. Favorite synth players include Kit Watkins (Happy the Man), Jan Hammer (Mahavishnu Orchestra, Jeff Beck), and Adam Holzman (Steven Wilson).
Twitter: @WalterDanielATX