Catalog of Artists


eBurner’s style of music can be described with influences of rock, jazz, hip-hop/rap, world, drum and bass, jungle, deep house, two-step, and R&B; and many of his tracks are embellished with live instruments. For his audience, Evan hopes to achieve a sense of enlightenment, by using cerebral and intricate electronic tones, motivating themes in his lyrics, and exotic instrumentation to represent nomadic aspirations.

Thirteen of Everything

A variety of influences are present with emphasis on long pieces with intricate, syncopated arrangements while maintaining a strong focus on melodic content and thematic development. The music appeals to fans of classic as well as newer forms of prog-rock and anyone enjoying complex arrangements with melody and emotion.

Jam Therapy

With influences like Black Sabbath, The Beatles, and Led Zeppelin; Jam Therapy presents a contemporary take on the heavy riffs and grooving rhythms of true rock’n’roll, successfully transporting their listeners back in time (where having vinyl wasn’t just “hip,” it was how you fed your ears.)


Postwriter fuses together Spoken Word and Post Rock to form something greater than its individual parts. Working with members of the Southwest Post Rock Collective, they have been enrapturing audiences with their unique live performances combining the elements of visual storytelling, slam poetry, and delicately woven guitars and effects.