August 23, 2019

2016 – Performers


Hard-edged, glammed-out alternative rock with a healthy dose of Rocky Horror dramatics and devil-horned power chords! We are Chasca.


And darkness was upon the land. All that was, was no more. The land lay wasted in ruins. No words were spoken. No songs were sung. Music was in a state of chaos. Its direction unknown. But one day, in the forest and through the trees, a voice came...

The Invincible Czars

The Invincible Czars are an adventurous, eclectic band from Austin, TX. They make music for thinkers, geeks, nerds and seekers/lovers of all things in the "other" category.

Transit Method

Transit Method have been described as as great mix of grunge, thrash and punk and have been credited as giving birth to a new genre, Alt Prog, by The Punk Site. Fans of Jane's Addiction, Rush and The Mars Volta will definitely want to check these...

Thirteen of Everything

A variety of influences are present with emphasis on long pieces with intricate, syncopated arrangements while maintaining a strong focus on melodic content and thematic development. The music appeals to fans of classic as well as newer forms of...

The Aaron Clift Experiment

Just as scientists conduct experiments by using their knowledge to explore the unknown, The Aaron Clift Experiment combines elements of classic and cutting-edge music into an innovative whole.

Proud Peasant

Cinematic progressive rock band Proud Peasant (Austin, Texas, USA) released their debut album Flight in May 2014 to considerable acclaim. Their sound has drawn comparisons to Mike Oldfield, Gryphon, and Wobbler, with classic and modern sounds...


eBurner's style of music can be described with influences of rock, jazz, hip-hop/rap, world, drum and bass, jungle, deep house, two-step, and R&B; and many of his tracks are embellished with live instruments. For his audience, Evan hopes to achieve...


Robot drums and home-made instruments. Viola and Cello. Power tools. "Pony Trap treats audiences to chamber music for the age of electricity, at once intimate and thundering, rigid and fluid, classical and industrial." - Justin Boyle, CultureMap...