The Lark's Tongue, Official Newsletter of VoyagerFest

2016 Festival
Touch Guitars at Voyager Music Festival 2016
The 2016 Voyager Music Festival will include an array of musicians playing unusual stringed instruments that are generally known as “touch guitars.”  A musician plays one of these devices by tapping and holding strings against the fretboard most of the time.  Electric guitarists often use tapping…
Prog Rock
New Album Releases by Austin Bands
Two great bands from Austin are releasing an album and an EP! Stop Motion Orchestra released their latest album, Lightworks, on August 28th both on CD and vinyl. Make sure you grab a copy on vinyl. The artwork is splendid. Opposite Day are releasing their EP,…
Experimental Rock
Jibber and Twitch at the Carousel Lounge
People who have lived in Austin for a while complain that the city has become too mainstream, too corporate, too bland.  In other words, it’s just not _weird_ any more.  To counter that perception I present to you local band Jibber & Twitch. First, a bit…
The Year So Far in Experimental and Progressive Music
Article and photos by Lauren Lyman The progressive and experimental music community in Austin continues to grow. As we gear up for the 2016 Voyager Music Festival, we wanted to provide our readers with a recap of the 2016 season of events, from VoyagerFest and beyond.…
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