June 6, 2020

Edge of Sound Web Series

The Edge of Sound Web Series highlights progressive and experimental artists in Austin and surrounding areas. The series is funded by a grant from the City of Austin Cultural Arts Division and the generous donations and volunteer work of music lovers in Austin.

Aileen Adler, Theremin

Aileen Adler is a multidisciplinary visual artist, musician (vox/theremin), composer, and producer that has been playing the theremin for over 25 years. She strives to present the theremin as a diverse and viable musical instrument, adapting its...

Sam Arnold, Exploratory Rock Guitarist

Sam Arnold is a guitarist, vocalist, bassist, singer-songwriter, composer, and sideman with a career focus on progressive music. Outside of Opposite Day and his prog, jazz, rock, and sideman gigs, he produces recordings of his own eclectic pop...