July 20, 2019

Art Rock

Art rock is a subgenre of rock music that originated in the 1960s with influences from art (avant-garde and classical) music. The first usage of the term, according to Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, was in 1968. Art rock was a form of music which wanted to “extend the limits of rock & roll”, and opted for a more experimental and conceptual outlook on music. Art rock took influences from several genres, notably classical music, as well as experimental rock, psychedelia, avant garde, folk, baroque pop, and, in later compositions, jazz. (From the Wikipedia article “Art Rock“).

Another De Sade

Drawing heavy influence from surrealism and psychedelia, their sound is etheral and noisey, beautifully heavy, soft, dissonantly melodic explosion of music, coupled with a high energy performance and light show...

Mount Pressmore

Mount Pressmore‘s eclectic style has been described most succinctly as “Chop-Pop,” and their musical comparisons span the range from the progressive visions of Yes and King Crimson to the dancefloor rock of The Police and Talking Heads.